Hello, we’re Creative Republic. Branding and web design agency.

Creative Republic (Republika Kreatywna) is a place where good design stems from well-thought-out strategy and creative concept.

Pretty pictures are simply not enough!

We are only as good as our team
And we definitely have a great one!

We combine knowledge and skills with modern design to create effective and functional solutions. We work with clients who value relations based on openness and partnership. We work with those who want to stand out from the crowd. Our competitive edge is creativity and quality of service, not the price. And it is a win-win deal for everyone.

Key members of our team:

Kamila Szewczyk

Strategic Director

Kamila has been working in the industry for 9 years. She started her career at the marketing department of Barlinek. Before she joined our ranks she was the head of the North Fish marketing department. She worked for numerous companies including Altax, PPK Astra, Echo Investment and Good Food. Her broad experience makes Kamila very effective at identifying customers’ needs. She is an enthusiast of culinary tourism.

Wiktor Nowacki

Digital Art Director

Wiktor gained experience in the Golden Submarine and Interactive Solutions agencies, working for Volkswagen, Heyah and Procter&Gamble. He likes challenges because he believes they provide the best opportunity for development. He is a firm believer in minimalism and he follows this approach in his designs. Apart from web design, he constantly hones his skills in creating 3D graphics. He is also a petrol head, an aviation aficionado and an amateur photographer.

Dawid K. Walczak


For years David has been working with advertising agencies as well as the Poznań clubbing scene. He is the biggest fan of pop-art we know. He has a great understanding of color and uses it effectively in his designs. What he finds really relaxing is handiwork – so in his free time he paints and renovates furniture.

We are all individualists, yet together we form a great team. What we believe is that today’s brands need tailor-made advertising campaigns, innovative creative concepts and original design.

Karol Lech

Technical Project Manager

Karol gathered experience by leading numerous web projects, starting from simple web pages, through e-commerce platforms, to comprehensive queue management systems. He is a specialist in solving all sorts of problems. In Republika Kreatywna, he coordinates and supervises implementation of websites. He makes sure that the solutions provided keep up with the highest standards. He devotes his free time to personal development.

Aleksandra Sikora

Senior Project Manager

Aleksandra earned her stripes at the Young & Rubicam and Interactive Solutions agencies, working for such clients as Danone, Plus, Maspex and Procter&Gamble. In Republika Kreatywna, she is responsible for creating information and architecture concepts for web pages. She supervises the work of the graphics and production teams. Her hobbies are photography and jogging, although she tries not to do both at the same time.